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  • Vignette, an Android Camera App (#vignette)

    I’ve had an Android phone for just over a year now and the thing that amazes me most is the sheer range and diversity of the apps that are available.  There’s nothing more satisfying than finding out that your phone can enhance your life in ways you’d never have thought possible. For a long time […]

  • Application of the Week – yWriter (#amwriting @spacejock)

    We’re all looking for that application that makes our lives easier, helps us do what we need to do without getting in the way with irritating little popups, wizards, and “helpful” suggestions.  “It looks like you’re writing a novel!  Would you like some help with that?”  Yes, Clippy, it would be most helpful if you’d […]

  • It’s all about Browser Choice.

    Today’s application, and the one to start the ball rolling, is one most people will spend the most time using.  I’m talking about the window to the world wide web: Your web browser. Over the past few years, I’ve used all of the main web browsers plus a few more minor ones. When you’re asked […]