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  • 2013 – Life on the blog

    Apparently I’m averaging 15 visitors a day to the blog at the moment. While that doesn’t sound like a lot when you think of how many people use the internet, I’m pretty happy with that. 15 of you out there think it’s worth spending some time reading what I’ve posted. Overall, this works out at […]

  • #CookalongFriday – The Perfect Way to Cook Fish for (my) Kids

    Keep it simple, that’s the key here.  No fancy sauces, nothing with flavours that could be too strong or too “fishy”. Think back to your childhood, how did you enjoy fish?  If you’re anything like me, you’ve got fond memories of fish finger sandwiches in front of Doctor Who on the TV on a Saturday […]

  • Baked salmon with a curry & naan crust, lentil biryani #cookalongfriday

    Made a fortuitous discovery last night.  Thought the large slab of salmon in the fridge was smoked, it turned out to be fresh and ready for cooking.  That means we’re getting baked salmon with a curry and naan bread crust tonight, with a biryani of some kind to go with it.  That’s the up side. […]