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  • #TheGallery – Week 95 – Colour

    Tara, over at The Gallery HQ, has set us the theme of “colour” for this week.  Or “color” if you’re from the US and anywhere else that spells English words incorrectly. I enjoy photography. That doesn’t mean I’m any good at it, not by a long stretch of the imagination. I love it that my […]

  • #TheGallery – World Photography Day

        I spent a lot of time on World Photography Day wondering what to photograph, contemplated all manner of things, even thought of getting some 35mm film into my lovely Holga and taking some full-bleed photos.  However, come the end of the day, I’d taken nothing.  Not a single photo.   Or so I […]

  • Preserving the Present

    The past is easy.  We’ve photographic archives, film archives, albums and boxes full of old snapshots to look through. Back in the day, photography was important and something to be treasured.  Now, every phone has a camera, every camera has an 8-gig memory card, and everything gets snapped, stored and forgotten. But…  How many computers today […]