Tag: Random Wednesday

  • Save money! Brew your own beer! #randomwednesday

    Brewing beer is great fun.  Not only do you save a shedload of cash (can you say fifty pence a pint?) but once you’ve got the hang of things you can start experimenting… I started brewing at university.  Kind of an occupational hazard for a microbiology student.  It’s practically homework, when you think about it. […]

  • Do you remember your first? I Can. (#eurovision #esc @bbceurovision)

    1992.  Holland House TV room (the one up the spiral staircase), Pollock halls of residence, Edinburgh University.  One Saturday in May. There were 3 of us.  Myself, my wife-to-be, and a random physicist.  We’d all met up there many times before, sharing our love of Thunderbirds, Star Trek and similar TV shows so it wasn’t […]

  • Blogging about blogging

    It’s a funny thing. You write these words because you’ve set yourself the challenge not only of starting a journal but of putting it out into the world for people to read and comment on. You hope it’s going to be entertaining, useful, informative, possibly even funny. But you carry on anyway. And then you […]