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  • Application of the Week – World of Goo (#gaming)

    I’m not much of a gamer anymore.  I don’t have the time (5 kids will do that to you, especially when the eldest is getting into games and you’re getting your arse handed to you on a plate when you take her on).  And I’ve never been that much of a PC gamer, either.  I’ve […]

  • Application of the Week – DIYPlanner Templates (#GTD)

    This week’s application, http://www.diyplanner.com/templates/official, is a bit of a cheat.  It’s actually a collection of PDF templates that you use either with a Filofax (other personal organisers are available) or the fantastically retro “Hipster PDA”.  Y’see, I’ve never been able to wholly embrace IT as a means of making notes about stuff.  There’s something much more […]

  • Unplug the mouse, you don’t need it any more… #applicationoftheweek

    We’re tethered to our computers these days.  Tethered by the mouse.  That thing that hovers under our hand and slows us down as we hunt for just the right icon, the right location in the start menu for that programme that we’ve just installed.  Today’s application of the week takes away a lot of that […]