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  • #RecipeShed – Marinades – Best Chilli Chicken Braai Marinade In The World*

    *May not necessarily be true but I’ve not done a better one than this yet. So…  I’ve been promising Keith over at Reluctant Housedad this marinade for braaing chicken (braai being the Afrikaans for barbecue).  I can assure you that it makes for the most superb, succulent, chilli-hot chicken you’ll ever taste1.  Marinading meat is […]

  • #RecipeShed – Lemon Chicken & Pasta

    The Recipe Shed challenge for the week was Chicken.  There’s nothing finer than taking a fresh roast chicken out of the shopping bag and simply devouring it.  Bread and butter optional.  However, if you can wait a little while, this takes that cooked chicken and turns it into something the whole family enjoys.  And it […]

  • #CookalongFriday – Cheat’s Risotto, serves 6(ish)

    Everyone knows risottos are difficult to cook, time-consuming, need you to slave over the stove adding just a little stock and letting it absorb into the rice before you add the next few mil.  Bollards, Ron. Bollards.  When you’re cooking for kids you don’t have time to do difficult, time-consuming and slaving over the stove. […]