Tag: Cook-Along Friday

  • #CookalongFriday – Slow Roast Pork Retaliation

    Keith had his way with a moderate-sized slab of pork a week or two ago.  Now it’s my turn… This is pretty much the ultimate in fire-and-forget cookery.  It goes into the oven one day, you get it out later.  Much, much later.  The following day, usually, although if you get it in before breakfast […]

  • #CookalongFriday – Chicken two ways!

    Keith’s challenge for me this week was this:  Make one meal, get another one from the remains of the first.  This is always difficult in my household as we usually devour everything on the table and fight over the scraps.  However, by stretching the bounds a little, here we go… Roast chicken followed by a […]

  • Cookalong Friday – Testing the Chefs: Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals #cookalongfriday

    For Christmas, my wife received Jamie Oliver’s book “30 Minute Meals” as a Secret Santa present.  We don’t know exactly who from, but it was an inspired choice.  Since then we’ve been working through those recipes at a rate of 1 a week, usually on a Sunday night.  Do they live up to their claims?  Can […]