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  • The 7 Days of Christmas

    Most Christmas traditions we pick up either from the Christmases of our childhood or by osmosis from the world around.  When you get married, it gets a little interesting with the “but our family always did this…” conversations.  A final little centre table present instead of crackers is one we got from my wife’s family. Starting a […]

  • A Very Gaming Christmas

    As a family, we love games – especially games we can all play (aged 5+).  Board games, card games, computer games, roleplaying games…  So here’s a quick run-down of the games we played Christmas 2015.  Some we got as presents, some we already had, some we pretty much made up on the spot! Dominoes An […]

  • The Rolling Mull

    The Rolling Mull

    This rather unpromising-looking tub contains one of the best Christmas traditions we’ve started in recent years – the rolling mull. Now your average mulled wine would be made by putting red wine in a pan along with orange juice, sliced fruit, sugar, an assortment of spices and a splash of brandy, then heating until it’s […]