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  • 13th Age of Fate Accelerated – Part 1

    13th Age of Fate Accelerated – Part 1

    Before we begin, for those who don’t know, a role-playing game (or RPG) is a way to tell stories as a group – one person sets the scene, the rest have characters described in terms of their attributes, skills, abilities and powers.  One might play a fighter, wielding a magic sword to take down hordes […]

  • RPG Cherry-Picking #2 – Magic

    RPG Cherry-Picking #2 – Magic

    Magic.  It’s the defining feature of most fantasy roleplaying.  Everyone who hears about it, about playing a Wizard in Dungeons and Dragons imagines this: Gandalf, mighty wizard, harnessing impossible cosmic forces to smite evil.  Long beard, arcane staff, pointy hat (optional). Unfortunately, everyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons gets something a little different as their […]

  • Campaign Planning – 13th Age – Bring on the Elves.

    An introduction to  roleplaying games for the uninitiated:  A group of people getting together to tell a story within a world they’ve all agreed on.  It could be one they’ve created themselves, it could be one someone else has created – Tolkein, for example, or Stephen Moffat.  Like all games, there are rules that help […]