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  • You had me at Pulled Pork – @thespicemen – #recipeshed

    Every now and then, I channel-surf.  A few seconds here, a few seconds there, move on to the next.  Snatches of Lewis explaining to his sidekick, Poirot gathering everyone together in the drawing room, New York accents explaining the best way to make bagels, Indian accents saying “…pulled pork with cinnamon and cloves”, Clarkson ridiculing […]

  • The Recipe Shed – Spices – Jerk Pork

    Love my spices. Hooked from the first curry I had at the Kashmir in Bradford age 15 (go round the corner from the main road, there’s a doorway leading down a flight of stairs. Formica tables, tin plates. Superb food). I’ve done a few curries on the site already but a couple of weeks ago […]

  • #CookalongFriday – Burgers

    Nothing finer than making your own burgers.  You get to choose your own flavours, how much chilli you want to add in, the meat you want to use – and given the range of stuff that’s become available in my local butchers it could be anything from Buffalo to Zebra! Anyway, this is a great […]