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  • #RandomWednesday – Visitors descending once more.

    Last Christmas was massive fun.  My wife blogged about it over at the family blog.  We had a full house, one family to a bedroom, and loads of fun was had by all.  This weekend coming we’ve got my youngest’s Christening and another full house.  Kids will be sleeping in tents in the garden, mattresses on […]

  • Row, row, row your boat… #RandomWednesday

    Here on Shetland, we have a class of boat.  The Yoal.  It takes 7 to crew – 6 with an oar each and 1 to shout instructions – and last week I became secretary of the Gulberwick and Quarff Yoal Club.  Last night was the first time this year our (y’see, I’ve been in the […]