Father of 5, husband to a wonderful wife, cook, geek, gamer. Teacher of Computer Science, ICT, Creative iMedia. and basically anything you put in front of me to teach. Currently residing in a beautiful English village in the heart of Lincolnshire (and no, that’s not a contradiction). Coder, Ninja Poet (apparently).

Currently playing: Pandemic: Legacy Season 2. Bristol 1350. Borderlands 3. Gloom.

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  1. Why oh why don’t any of you male bloggers ever boast/mention/acknowledge you are husbands! You are reluctant dwellers of the ‘active’ parent club, leaving blame for lifestyle on your unacknowledged other half who is out working. You all seem amazed and happy doing the parenting – but always there is that resentment that you aren’t doing the earning.
    Rather than the typically female approach “I am wife of Zog, a barrister and I have 2 fabulous children” you blokes are always dads (good) but that could be by as many women as kids for all the mention of your kids female parent!. Do they play any part in your lives – YES – the blogs seem to say so. So why are they not good enough/close enough/worthy of pride to warrant a blog spot or mention in the profile.

    I for one am a one woman protest against this trend. I have removed all comment on who the father (s?!) of my 5 children are in my profiles. It looks uglier for the lack of husband, but hey! that’s how lack of partner in your profiles looks like to me.

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