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  • #Listography – Top 5 Albums by (well, almost by) Male Solo Artist…

    Kate’s showing off her wonderful taste in music this week, hoping the rest of us will show up with some interesting stuff to add to the mix. But albums by male solo artists?  That’s where I start dredging the bottom of the barrel of my music collection.  All of the male artists I’ve got are […]

  • Pen and Ink – #amwriting #randomwednesday

    Sometimes, in this computer age, I feel I’ve lost touch with what it means to actually write.  I mean to actually pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write something out longhand. Granted, I’ve had problems with my writing in the past.  My English teacher at school informed me in no uncertain […]

  • Instant Gratification, the Internet at it’s Finest

    Above all things that are great about the Internet, the instant gratification of needs and desires is the one I love the most.  Second to that is Google’s amazing ability to find the answer to just about anything, third is Wolfram Alpha’s fantastic website.  But I digress.  Actually, it’s probably the second best thing about […]