2013 – Life on the blog

Apparently I’m averaging 15 visitors a day to the blog at the moment. While that doesn’t sound like a lot when you think of how many people use the internet, I’m pretty happy with that. 15 of you out there think it’s worth spending some time reading what I’ve posted. Overall, this works out at… Continue reading 2013 – Life on the blog

#ApplicationoftheWeek – Komodo Edit

Tough one, this week.  I’ve been on leave for a couple of weeks, so there’s not a great deal I’ve been using. Five minutes back at work and I’m now up to my neck in editing code.  Which is nice!  I like doing this!  I also like having a decent editor on hand to help… Continue reading #ApplicationoftheWeek – Komodo Edit

Application of the Week – Kubuntu #applicationoftheweek #kubuntu #linux

Okay, this week’s app is quite big, as applications go.  It’s an entire operating system.  Kubuntu Linux. What is Kubuntu? Linux? Linux is an alternative operating system for your computer.  Windows is an operating system, so is MacOS.  Linux is the third way.  It’s based (loosely) on the Unix of old.  And unlike Windows, there… Continue reading Application of the Week – Kubuntu #applicationoftheweek #kubuntu #linux