13th Age of Fate Accelerated – Part 1

Before we begin, for those who don’t know, a role-playing game (or RPG) is a way to tell stories as a group – one person sets the scene, the rest have characters described in terms of their attributes, skills, abilities and powers.  One might play a fighter, wielding a magic sword to take down hordes… Continue reading 13th Age of Fate Accelerated – Part 1

Work in progress… – #amwriting (almost)

I have 3.  3 works that are all approximately at the same stage and they’re all sat vying for attention. If, by “vying for attention”, you mean “trying to hide behind each other in the hope I’ll pick one of the other 2”.  It’s like asking for volunteers to step forward and picking the one… Continue reading Work in progress… – #amwriting (almost)