Silent Sunday

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The Gallery

#TheGallery – Black and white

Bressay Sunrise

There’s something magical about black and white photographs.  This is the scene from my bedroom window this morning, black and white and original image, courtesy of Vignette on my phone.

Bressay Sunrise

Black and white photos are somehow more atmospheric, more moody.  The play of light and dark is both more obvious and more subtle at the same time.

And when you get to movies, some of the all-time greats are black and white films.  Films that no-one has yet (nor should they ever, really) re-make.

  • Kind Hearts and Coronets
  • The Lost World (Yes, I know they’ve re-made this one, but the original is still better)
  • Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
In this world of digital, 3D, colour, there’s definitely still a place for black and white.
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Application of the Week

#ApplicationoftheWeek – Action Snap

Action SnapI love my camera apps.  Vignette, as I’ve mentioned before, is my favourite app for taking photos.  Action Snap, though, fits a niche that Vignette doesn’t fill at the moment.

On it’s basic settings, it takes 4 photos, a fraction of a second apart.  It snaps action, as the name suggests.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s got some excellent basic effects built in for taking photos – sepia, assorted LOMO effects – and a couple of different basic layouts.  I love the standard, 4 tall, narrow pictures.

Action Snap Basic LayoutIt’ll do square photos as well, 3×3 layouts, 2×3 layouts.  Superb.  The time delay between photos is configurable as well.  It integrates into anything you’ve got for sharing things on your phone, as well as the service (which will, in addition, autopost to Twitter and Facebook).  The only drawback I’ve found is there’s no way to save the photos direct to your phone.  To achieve this, I share photos to, an app I’ve also got installed.

Yes, there are adds on the photo preview screen, but they’re not obtrusive.  Just ignore them.

This app fills a niche and fills it well.  Enjoy.