#TheGallery – Black and white

There’s something magical about black and white photographs.  This is the scene from my bedroom window this morning, black and white and original image, courtesy of Vignette on my phone. Black and white photos are somehow more atmospheric, more moody.  The play of light and dark is both more obvious and more subtle at the… Continue reading #TheGallery – Black and white

#ApplicationoftheWeek – Action Snap

I love my camera apps.  Vignette, as I’ve mentioned before, is my favourite app for taking photos.  Action Snap, though, fits a niche that Vignette doesn’t fill at the moment. On it’s basic settings, it takes 4 photos, a fraction of a second apart.  It snaps action, as the name suggests.  It does exactly what… Continue reading #ApplicationoftheWeek – Action Snap