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  • #Listography – Top 5 Albums by (well, almost by) Male Solo Artist…

    Kate’s showing off her wonderful taste in music this week, hoping the rest of us will show up with some interesting stuff to add to the mix. But albums by male solo artists?  That’s where I start dredging the bottom of the barrel of my music collection.  All of the male artists I’ve got are […]

  • #Listography – Top Five Cookbooks

    Cookbooks should be living documents.  They should have things scribbled in them.  Aunty Molly’s Ginger Biscuit recipe, quick and easy buffalo wings, the world’s best sticky toffee pudding recipe (all 3 of those are inside the back cover of one of mine).  Whoever makes a cookbook should make it with plenty of white space around […]

  • #Listography – Top 5 Phrases that Drive me Crazy

    A lovely Listography this week.  One that I think will throw up almost as many common themes as the websites from last week. Working the ICT helpdesk I have a range of special phrases that are guaranteed to make me want to pick up the nearest keyboard and try to beat my high score on […]