Silent Sunday

#SilentSunday – 1 picture, no words, nothing else.

F*ck me it's windy!

The Gallery

#TheGallery – Week 63 – 3 Word Gallery

Tempting to direct you back to my Silent Sunday post this week, where the 3 words my son hasn’t quite uttered are obviously “What the heck?” (or words to that effect).  Or back a little further to the “me and my shadow” pic with the 3 words “Keep on running!”  But that would be lazy!  Instead, I give you… (never a drumroll around when you need one, is there?)

Summer in Shetland!

Breckon Beach

Breckon Beack, YellLook at that!  Blue skies, massive expanses of beach, hardly anyone around (any guesses why?).  Yes, so the beach is a long way from anywhere.  Yes, so that’s the Arctic Ocean out there – that didn’t stop one of the more insane of our party having a swim, nor did it stop the kids from paddling.  And yes, everyone else is wearing fleeces, overcoats, thermals…  But it looks gorgeous.  And as long as you’re dressed right, it is.

From the mainland, to get to this wonderful beach, you head north.  Take the ferry to Yell and keep on going until you get almost to the ferry terminal for Unst.  Then you turn left and follow the signs.  When you’re done at the beach, head back to the Wind Dog Cafe for some fantastic food and entertainment – there’s a small library, WiFi, knitting, tapestry, a jigsaw on the go.  Pitch in and enjoy yourself!

That photo was taken on a Friday.  Saturday, the rain set in for the following week.  Hey-ho.

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