Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

A new discovery for me, Reasons to be Cheerful and one that will join the ranks of the semi-regular ramblings on this site.

This is going to be the thing (or things) that has tickled me the most in the past week, made me genuinely laugh out loud, made me grateful to have my family and friends around me.

F’rinstance.  A couple of nights ago.  Tidying up the lounge with my sons.  Not the most auspicious of things to cheer someone up, especially given the cries of “Awwww, dad!  Do we have to?” and you really can hear them pronouncing the italics there.  But there’s some big cushions in the lounge that needed to go back on the sofas.  Eldest weighs cushion thoughtfully in one hand then hits me with it.  There’s the quiet pause where the rest of them wait and see what sort of mood dad’s in tonight.  Am I going to explode with anger, shout at them, get massively cross?  Was I serious about just getting the job done before mum got home?  Or do I pick up the nearest cushion and return fire?  No contest.  Return fire!  And for the next while all 4 sons and I fought, wrestled, jumped (well, they did) and generally battled around the lounge.  The best parts?  1) they were all exhausted and bedtime went really well.  2) the lounge got tidied up as we went along, generally preventing injury from landing on sharp, spiky toy.  3) They all got to laugh at how rubbish I was at doing press-ups when Eldest decided to get us all doing his gymnastics warm-up.

F’rinstance 2.  This story on Newsbiscuit.

F’rinstance 3.  The weather up here.  It’s nothing short of insane!  In the space of an hour yesterday we went from driving drizzle and punishing winds (“Hark? Is that the building roof I can hear?” “Pardon?  I can’t hear you over the sound of the rain on the roof!”) to no wind and glorious sunshine.  Stuff I’d been putting off doing all morning because it was, quote, “in the other building” suddenly got done.  I was happy, other people were happy.  Great stuff all round.

F’rinstance 4 and final for this week.  Discovering a whole new chunk for my blog.  Thank you.

Now.  What’re your reasons to be cheerful this week?


13 responses to “Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC”

  1. Love this idea. Love it as a Linky prospect. Too much doom and gloom and moaning in the world (see my blog for all of the latter). It’s nie to reflect on those little moments that make life worth the slog. I feel a post coming on. Cheers.

  2. Nice idea.
    This week my 2 oldest sons gave started coming home by themselves – knock on effect also amazing. And son 1 even got his first house key – and he was very happy. Happy children = happy mom 🙂

  3. At last and only about 7 months since Reasons to be Cheerful started, we have a lone male in our midst although sounds like more are going to jump on the happy ship too.
    Well done you on putting fun above being a grown-up.
    Hope to see you on board #R2BC again

  4. Hello and thanks for joining up with #R2BC, last week I questionned where all the men where as we had never had one join up yet, so will be fab to have you on board.
    Glad you enjoyed that pillow fight, some of the best times are on the hop I find!

    Mich x

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