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  • The Fundamental Interconectedness of All Things

    The Fundamental Interconectedness of All Things

    This appears to be a good time to be watching TV.  Between the BBC, Amazon Prime, and Netflix there’s a lot of really decent stuff on.  We’ve just finished blitzing Haven from start to finish (and if that wasn’t someone’s off-beat Cthulhu Now campaign at some point I’d be very surprised), have just started Lucifer… […]

  • The 13th Hack – Part 1

    In my left hand, the 13th Age SRD.  Or rulebook if you’ve got it.  Big, weighty, gorgeous, full-colour, tome of everything you need to run an RPG in the Dragon Empire and beyond.  It’s my go-to game for fantasy gaming.  Or it was… In my right hand, The Black Hack.  19 pages long, including the […]

  • A Very Gaming Christmas

    As a family, we love games – especially games we can all play (aged 5+).  Board games, card games, computer games, roleplaying games…  So here’s a quick run-down of the games we played Christmas 2015.  Some we got as presents, some we already had, some we pretty much made up on the spot! Dominoes An […]