Preparation is not a dirty word.

Crevice is a dirty word. General Melchett, Blackadder Goes Forth. Okay, so Melchie was talking about security in that scene, but the principle is the same. Welcome to the uncomfortable, damp, and only slightly being bombed dug out of the GM’s Roundtable of Doom for May. The Game Masters’ Roundtable of Doom is a meeting… Continue reading Preparation is not a dirty word.


Welcome to April’s “Gamesmaster’s Roundtable of Doom”… There is a wide spectrum of lethality in RPGs, and there are GMs who fall on every possible point within it. These range from GMs who run campaigns where PCs can never die to the other extreme—GMs who delight in killing PCs. Where do you fall on this… Continue reading Fatality!

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