Category: Lincolnshire Diaries

  • #TheGallery 171 – Something Beautiful

    It’s been a weird old year for weather so far.  Winter, whilst hammering the US and Canada, forcing my old boss to decide whether he needs to close the Dalhousie campus for a snow day, has largely bypassed the UK.  Thus far we’ve had a couple of hard frosts and that’s been about it. But […]

  • The story so far…

    In the beginning, the garden looked like this: Actually, that wasn’t quite the beginning.  Rewind a little further, lose the step that shows we’re actively working on it and it looked more like this: That’s more like it.  I took this shot from as far down the garden as I could get.  Right behind me […]

  • Amazing what you discover when you start looking!

    Small boys and worms! What’s better than that?  Dirty hands and smiling faces.  That feeling you get when you’ve worked damn hard and achieved something.  Something you can look at and be proud of. Since we started work on this garden we’ve discovered brambles, nettles, overgrown hedging, more ivy than you could possibly imagine and assorted […]