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  • #TheGallery 171 – Something Beautiful

    It’s been a weird old year for weather so far.  Winter, whilst hammering the US and Canada, forcing my old boss to decide whether he needs to close the Dalhousie campus for a snow day, has largely bypassed the UK.  Thus far we’ve had a couple of hard frosts and that’s been about it. But […]

  • #TheGallery – Week 170: New

    Last few months have seen a lot of new.  New house, new area, new friends, new village, new schools, new and interesting ways in which DIY can be botche (in the past, that is. We do things properly), new playparks and new beaches. Okay, so the beach is now an hour and a half away, not […]

  • The gallery 151 – Door (#TheGallery / #Gallery)

      This is a doorway to a world of adventure.  Step over this stile and you could be learning magic at Hogwarts, defending the universe from Loki and the Chitari, battling Cybermen and Daleks.  You could be riding dragons over the endless plains, flying spaceships in deep space, running away from trolls. This is a […]