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  • Listography – 5 Songs I grew up with

    Music didn’t exactly play a big part in my growing up. In fact I can’t think of an occasion where mum or dad put on an LP or a tape just to listen to it. Or, actually, at all. Music was there, of course, in the background over breakfast with Radio 2, in the cars […]

  • #Listography – Top 5 Things I Love About Kids

    Could be very simple, this one – 5 kids, 5 things.  In fact I do refer to them as Things, straight from Dr Seuss’s Cat in the Hat.  Things 1 through 5 can be as destructive a force as they are in that book but they can also be simply wonderful. You’re always learning – […]

  • #Listography – 5 Things I Want for my Children

    Robin Williams once said “You have 2 types of dreams about your kids. In the first, you’re in the audience as they thank the Nobel Institute for awarding them this honour. In the second, you’re in the queue as they ask the person in front ‘Do you want fries with that?’” Having 5 kids, I’m […]