Category: Application of the Week

  • Silent Sunday Explained – Vignette for Android

    Yesterday, I posted this photo: This was one of the first photographs I took with the Vignette camera app for my Android phone.  It’s 2 of my kids having breakfast in the villa we rented in Lanzarote during the October half term.  Vignette was the first Android app I purchased.  I’ve spoken about it before […]

  • #ApplicationoftheWeek – XAMPP

    Sometimes you need to get a web coding job done.  Maybe you’re on a laptop with no WiFi or network access.  Maybe you’re on a Windows machine and don’t want the hassle of installing Apache, MySQL and PHP separately.  Whatever the situation, you need a web server, database server and server-side scripting language now.  That’s […]

  • #ApplicationoftheWeek – returns next week

    Damn, but that was a busy weekend.  Unfortunately, far too busy to write up an application of the week for today. App of the week will return next week, with a run-down on something.  If you’ve any suggestions, add them in the comments! I now return you to your regularly scheduled surfing.