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  • Mirror, Mirror, on the Cake…

    Mirror, Mirror, on the Cake…

    Alrighty then, let’s do this thing. The mirror glaze. Much attempted on the Great British Bake Off, much failed, or much left with something roughly the consistency of a car tyre wrapped around your cake, resisting the knife and quite possibly an attack from automatic weapons or artillery fire. Pause there for a moment, rewind. […]

  • Brown Bread Ice Cream Cheesecake

    Brown Bread Ice Cream Cheesecake

    Most of my best baking has been done following a conversation with my wife. I got in to baking New York Cheesecakes following a request from her to bake one for her birthday. Last night we were talking about family favourite recipes and, as it seems no cookery blog is complete without a long introduction […]

  • Nigel, our new doughy overlord

    I don’t usually name doughs. Obviously, a sourdough starter has to have a name (Herman, in this house) but others? Nah, not necessary. But my daughter called this one Nigel and Nigel he will forever be. Nigel is a rich dough. Probably the richest I’ve ever worked with (though, all credit, it was my wife […]