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  • Spare marinade? Not a problem. Bring on the Beeroaster.

    I have but a single gadget in my kitchen that I would replace in a heartbeat should it break.  The beeroaster.  This is a simple round metal dish about 12″ across and 1.5″ deep.  At the centre of it stands a metal cylinder about 4-5″ tall and almost 2″ across.  Into this goes the liquid […]

  • #CookalongFriday – Chicken two ways!

    Keith’s challenge for me this week was this:  Make one meal, get another one from the remains of the first.  This is always difficult in my household as we usually devour everything on the table and fight over the scraps.  However, by stretching the bounds a little, here we go… Roast chicken followed by a […]