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  • Oi! JFD, mate. JFD. Or, the art of getting things done (#GTD)

    JFD, boy. JFD. Or, the Art of Getting Things Done (#GTD) Getting Things Done, a way of organising your thoughts, your tasks, yourself, is quite a beast to get your head around. It sounded very simple when I came across it on Lifehacker. It sounded like just the thing I needed to organise myself. Oooh […]

  • Welcome to Random Wednesdays

    Right.  I hope you’re all paying attention today because I’m going to have a few words with you about discipline.  750 of them, in fact. I’m trying to write a book.  Have been for a while now.  Occasionally – last November during National Novel Writing Month (http://www.nanowrimo.org), for example – I manage to sit down […]