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Hungaro-Mexican Fusion Food

There’s a running joke through Alan Davies’ radio show about the new Mexi-Welsh pizza.  Refried beans and leek.  Dinner today, though, was a superb fusion of Hungarian street food and Mexican pulled pork.

Last night, y’see, we had Chilirio – Mexican pulled pork.  As Mexican pork dishes go, this one flies past and is really simple!  For a kid-friendly Mexican meal, this one’s absolutely ideal as there’s virtually no heat in an Ancho, it’s all flavour.

Take about a kilo of pork, cut it into 5cm cubes, salt it and put it in a pan.  Just cover with boiling water and put on a low simmer, barely boiling, for roughly 90 minutes – until the water has all evaporated.  Remove the pork from the pan and shred it.

Meanwhile, take a handful of de-seeded dried Ancho chillies and soak in just-boiled water for 10 minutes.  Put 90ml cider vinegar, 175ml cold water, a roughly-chopped white onion and a few cloves of garlic into a blender.  Blitz that, add the Anchos and keep pureeing until it’s smooth.

Put 25g lard into the pan the pork was in, add the chilli sauce from the pan and cook it for about 5 minutes.  Add the pork back into the pan, add another 25g lard and cook for about half an hour.

While that’s doing it’s final cook off, I did some rice and beans following Jamie Oliver’s recipe from 30 Minute Meals.  Earlier in the day I’d done a quick salsa verde, minus the chillies.  Leftovers from this meal to be mixed together and served with chips and soft bread rolls.

Bang that lot in wraps, maybe a smear of Chipotles en Adobo…  job’s a good’un.

Fast-forward to today and the Langos we had for lunch.  Hungarian fried bread, smothered with sour cream, cheese, a smidgeon of garlic and a sprinkle of pepper.  The last time we made these, we had to make a second batch very quickly.  So this time my good lady engaged the Kenwood and made a triple-sized batch…

But where, I hear you cry, is the fusion between fine Hungarian street-food…


and this wonderful Mexican pulled pork?


Well…  You take your Langos, add a smidge of garlic and a cover of sour cream, add a generous quantity of Chilorio, a sprinkle of cheese.  Maybe a dash of Tabasco, maybe a grate of chilli flakes…  Fold in half and devour.

I’d take photos, but there’s nothing left.

Recipe Shed

You had me at Pulled Pork – @thespicemen – #recipeshed

Every now and then, I channel-surf.  A few seconds here, a few seconds there, move on to the next.  Snatches of Lewis explaining to his sidekick, Poirot gathering everyone together in the drawing room, New York accents explaining the best way to make bagels, Indian accents saying “…pulled pork with cinnamon and cloves”, Clarkson ridiculing the French.  Stop!  Rewind.  Pulled pork?  And then a double-take.  Y’see I could’ve sworn I worked for one of these 2!

One of the Incredible Spice Men and the Dean of Agriculture of Dalhousie University, Canada.


The other one of the Incredible Spice Men















Yep.  Goan pulled pork with cinnamon and clove marinade.  The recipe’s over at the BBC’s website,, so I’ll wait while you go there and hit print.  Trust me, you’ll want to keep this one.

Alright, Clive, quick spin around the ingredients and then back to me.  Basically the ingredients fall into 2 camps – one for the pork itself and one for the marinade.  For the pork you need, well, pork.  I’ve used roughly 2kg of rolled shoulder today but as this one slow-roasts for as long as you like, you could use pretty much anything.  I bet this would work really well with chops!  For the marinade, it’s all store-cupboard stuff:


Cinnamon stick (or Cassia bark which is much thicker), cloves, chillies (dried red and fresh green), garlic, ginger, onions, turmeric, tamarind paste, cider vinegar, brown sugar, sunflower oil, salt.  I did have to buy the tamarind paste this week but only because I’d run out.

Dry-roast the dry spices over a low heat.  Great tip on the TV show:  If you can move the spices around with your fingers in the pan, it’s just right.  If you don’t burn your fingers, you don’t burn the spices.


While they’re cooling, whack everything else in the blender and leave it running until it’s smooth.  This is going to make plenty of the masala marinade so you’ll have lots left over to, say, beeroast a chicken later in the week (pays to plan ahead).  Add in the spices, keep blitzing to break down the cinnamon and cloves.

Strange camera artefacts on this! The marinade doesn’t have those white fuzzy bits, honest!

Rub the marinade into the pork and, as with all the best marinades, refrigerate overnight to let the flavours really get in there.


The next day…

Obviously, the longer you can cook this thing for, the better it’s going to be.  So with dinner at about 6, I’m getting this going at half eight.  Oven to 180C, scrape off the excess marinade and put the roasting pan on the hob.  Splash of oil and brown the meat on all sides.


Tablespoon or 2 of masala marinade over the meat before covering the pan with foil, sticking on the lid and putting it into the oven.  It gets half an hour at 180C before lowering the heat to 110-120C and ignoring it for the rest of the day.

And now…  The end result, most of it fell apart when I lifted the pieces from the pan, the rest needed vaguely harassing with a fork.  I’m serving this with fresh white bread rolls, some extra coriander and a couple of chopped long green chillies to give the roll a bit of extra kick.


I’ve had an advanced taste, had to check it while I was shredding it, and I can say this is right up there with the best Mexican pulled pork recipes I’ve done.  Absolutely superb.  Now.  Where’s that chicken…

And if proof were needed, a mere 15 minutes after serving up the dish looked like this:

IMG_20130823_185134 and there were 7 plates being licked clean or having the juices mopped up with the last of the bread.  Fortunately I had planned for the and the New York Cheesecake in the fridge was wheeled out as emergency pudding.  We are all now extremely full!

The Incredible Spice Men (on Twitter, Facebook and all good Social Media sites) have a cookbook out – if anyone’s feeling generous I’d love a copy to review 😉 and if the rest of the recipes in there are as good as this one it’ll be worth it’s weight in gold. Or in turmeric, at least.

Look forward to the next show on Monday night!