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  • Spare marinade? Not a problem. Bring on the Beeroaster.

    I have but a single gadget in my kitchen that I would replace in a heartbeat should it break.  The beeroaster.  This is a simple round metal dish about 12″ across and 1.5″ deep.  At the centre of it stands a metal cylinder about 4-5″ tall and almost 2″ across.  Into this goes the liquid […]

  • #RecipeShed – Marinades – Best Chilli Chicken Braai Marinade In The World*

    *May not necessarily be true but I’ve not done a better one than this yet. So…  I’ve been promising Keith over at Reluctant Housedad this marinade for braaing chicken (braai being the Afrikaans for barbecue).  I can assure you that it makes for the most superb, succulent, chilli-hot chicken you’ll ever taste1.  Marinading meat is […]