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  • The 13th Hack – Part 1

    In my left hand, the 13th Age SRD.  Or rulebook if you’ve got it.  Big, weighty, gorgeous, full-colour, tome of everything you need to run an RPG in the Dragon Empire and beyond.  It’s my go-to game for fantasy gaming.  Or it was… In my right hand, The Black Hack.  19 pages long, including the […]

  • #TheGallery – Week 95 – Colour

    Tara, over at The Gallery HQ, has set us the theme of “colour” for this week.  Or “color” if you’re from the US and anywhere else that spells English words incorrectly. I enjoy photography. That doesn’t mean I’m any good at it, not by a long stretch of the imagination. I love it that my […]