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  • Slowly, slowly, roasty ducky (or goosey, or both-y)

    There’s something wonderful about the slow cooking process that takes a simple little bit of meat and turns it into something amazing.  Just look at Lechon!  Or to the humble jerk chicken!  This duck/goose recipe is closer to jerk chicken in technique yet keeps the simple flavours of the meat and the rosemary front and centre […]

  • #RecipeShed – Slovakian Goose and/or duck

    Our family was lucky enough to have a wonderful Slovakian au pair for a couple of years.  When we visited her family out in Slovakia, they prepared a wonderful roast goose and duck dish.  Now, whilst this isn’t as simple as Keith’s roast duck, it is not complicated… Ingredients Goose or duck – cut into […]