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  • Additives – The Good Side! – #RecipeShed

    Additives.  Bad things chucked into pre-prepared foods to make them last longer. E-numbered somethings that we don’t really trust. Yes.  And, at the same time, no. Additives.  Those little tweaks you make to a recipe to personalise it, make it your own.  I enjoy these additives, I have 100% control over when and where they’re […]

  • You had me at Pulled Pork – @thespicemen – #recipeshed

    Every now and then, I channel-surf.  A few seconds here, a few seconds there, move on to the next.  Snatches of Lewis explaining to his sidekick, Poirot gathering everyone together in the drawing room, New York accents explaining the best way to make bagels, Indian accents saying “…pulled pork with cinnamon and cloves”, Clarkson ridiculing […]