Fun with Five Lincolnshire Diaries The Gallery

#TheGallery – Week 170: New

Last few months have seen a lot of new.  New house, new area, new friends, new village, new schools, new and interesting ways in which DIY can be botche (in the past, that is. We do things properly), new playparks and new beaches.

Okay, so the beach is now an hour and a half away, not a 5 minute stroll.  And the rockpools aren’t there.  And Skegness was, to all intents and purposes, closed when we visited during the Christmas break…  But it’s the sea, dammit, and since I lived right by it for the last 10 years it still brought a lump to my throat when I saw it again.


Kids weren’t so impressed, mind you. It was windy, the sand blew in their faces and they couldn’t wait to get into McDonalds for lunch (first place we found open!).

We’ll be back in the summer, when no doubt we’ll have to pay for parking and find the beach stuffed with tourists (like us).