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  • Cookbooks? Prove yourselves worthy!

    Every year since 2000, I’ve started by going on a massive diet.  Some years with more success than others, granted.  It’s a diet I think I’ve blogged about before.  Boils down to 3 simple rules: Eat less Exercise more No alcohol until mid-February Do all of the above and you’re golden. I also find I […]

  • Book Review – Dying by the Hour, @koryshrum

    The sequel to Dying for a Living,  Dying by the Hour returns us to a world where death isn’t the handicap it used to be. For those of you coming cold to Book 2 in a series, here’s the “Previously on Angel” sum-up. A significant percentage of the population don’t stay dead when they die. You […]

  • Book Review – Dying for a Living, @koryshrum

    Imagine a world where 2% of the population don’t stay dead.  Where those who come back can help you by exchanging your death for one of theirs – for a suitable fee, plus expenses.  Where these Death Replacement Agents can cure many – but not all – forms of death.  Where not everyone is happy […]