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  • What were you thinking?

      This was going to be a long post about how I’ve been disappointed with some of the recent releases from bands and artists I’ve been following for years. But then, as a mind far greater than mine once said: It is easy to criticise.  It is far harder to do better. And as I’ve […]

  • Battleborn – A Review after ~30 minutes play 0.5/5

    Battleborn! First person multi-player shooter from Gearbox, the makers of the Borderlands series of games and now, along with Sony, the proud owners of £60 of my cash for a game I’m never going to play. TL:DR – It’s not another Borderlands and it sucks royally for casual play. The Good For there are good […]

  • A quick blast through 2015

    2015 has been an amazing year… We became the proud owners of Typhon, our German Shepherd puppy. We met up with Grandma and Grandad a lot this year, what with Tony (Dad) becoming increasingly ill throughout the year.  We’ve enjoyed rediscovering how much fun Yorkshire is.  And as dad has become more and more frail […]