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  • The inevitability of _something_

    To borrow some words from Neil Gaiman… What’s the name of the word for things not being the same always.  You know, I’m sure there is one, isn’t there?  There must be a word for it…  The thing that lets you know time is happening. Is there a word? Change. Things change.  It’s inevitable.  The […]

  • When is a rhetorical question not a rhetorical question?

    A discussion over on Google+ had me wondering. The original post was straightforward enough.  “Is anyone here?”.  Predictably, because this is the Internet, one of the first answers was “No.”  And then it descended into philosophy… There must be a scientific name for questions like “Are you asleep?” or “Is there anyone in there?” where […]

  • Cookbooks? Prove yourselves worthy!

    Every year since 2000, I’ve started by going on a massive diet.  Some years with more success than others, granted.  It’s a diet I think I’ve blogged about before.  Boils down to 3 simple rules: Eat less Exercise more No alcohol until mid-February Do all of the above and you’re golden. I also find I […]