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  • Pierogi / Pyrohy / Piroshki or hand pies to that effect

    Back at the Warwick Folk Festival again – fantastic music (Man the Lifeboats, Trials of Cato, Banter, Glory Strokes) and amazingly good food. As per my blog post from last year, some of the stand-out food of the weekend came from The Old Granary Pierogi. Just the most wonderful yeasted-pastry pies/pasty things you can imagine. […]

  • Movie Review – Mortal Engines

    Late to the party as usual, finally caught Mortal Engines yesterday. I was not disappointed. Well, I was, but more on that later. Be warned, there be spoilers ahead. Peter Jackson has a track record of making the same visual constructions I have. That is to say, the look of something as brought to the […]

  • The inevitability of _something_

    To borrow some words from Neil Gaiman… What’s the name of the word for things not being the same always.  You know, I’m sure there is one, isn’t there?  There must be a word for it…  The thing that lets you know time is happening. Is there a word? Change. Things change.  It’s inevitable.  The […]