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  • The game’s the thing, especially when there’s 2 of you playing.

    This replaces January’s App of the Month with “Game of the Month” instead.  This will be a very, very, irregular feature! Got some new games for Christmas – PS3 games – that were chosen very carefully for their 2-player-ability (if that’s a word).  The family all really enjoy 2-player computer games – or games that […]

  • Back to Normality – ish…

    Phew! What a blast NaNoWriMo was! I know regular visitors here will have seen the protected posts kicking around, they’re the temporary storage for the project now formally known as Script WIP. NaNo didn’t so much provide me with a novel as 50,000+ words of basics for a script that I now want to polish […]

  • Five Finals (for @relucthousedad)

    So, courtesy of Keith over here:… Five finals.  Interesting. Final Episode “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”, the last episodes of David Tennant’s last full series as The Doctor.  This is where it should have ended.  This is where, in my mind, it did.  I’m not sure how the regeneration to Matt Smith would’ve taken place, but […]