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  • On My Birthday…

    Linking up with The Five Fs “On my birthday” linky, supplying March 27th… Pick three people who share your birthday and share what you know about them. Nathan Fillion, actor.  Any respectable Browncoat will know Mr F as Captain Mal from Firefly/Serenity, before that he was in Buffy (contributing to the “Crew of Ultimate Evil” […]

  • Privatising the Roads – A Vision of the Future…

    It’s an unspecified number of years from now. In 2012 private investment was sought to fund Britain’s road network.  When the companies demanded to make a profit, the not-privatisation-at-all-no-siree deals became pure privatisation.  Now more than 90% of Britain’s road network is in private hands.  Somewhere on a remote Scottish island, a family plans their […]

  • Maverick – Closure at last.

    Back in November last year, I let Maverick out of the back door along with his buddy, Urza.  I’d do this every morning.  5 minutes later they’d be back at the door, yowling to come back in.  It was their routine and I loved it.  Loved letting them out into the garden knowing I’d see […]