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  • Brit Mums – Dad Group

    Have to say, hand on heart, that I’ve never been on the BritMums website.  Not knowingly, anyway. (Cue the music while I have a quick look. Nope. No, definitely not been there before. Alien territory. Here be Mums. Ctrl-D)  Apparently I should be spending a good deal more time there in the future as there’s […]

  • Sharepoint Designer 2010 / SQL Server Data Connection

    For future information… Should you receive the following error message: the data retrieval service encountered an error during connection to the data source. Check the firewall on the server.  If it is not allowing traffic both ways on TCP port 1433, add rules to let it do that.  Oh, and Windows Authentication didn’t work for […]

  • On My Birthday…

    Linking up with The Five Fs “On my birthday” linky, supplying March 27th… Pick three people who share your birthday and share what you know about them. Nathan Fillion, actor.  Any respectable Browncoat will know Mr F as Captain Mal from Firefly/Serenity, before that he was in Buffy (contributing to the “Crew of Ultimate Evil” […]