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  • #SilentSunday – shhh.

  • It’s been a weird week.

    Well.  It’s not often you get a week with 2 Sundays, a pair of Mondays, only 1 Tuesday and yet somehow it’s  Friday. As far as pretty much everyone up here on a distinctly unpatriotic and uncelebrational Shetland (miserable buggers), Monday was a fairly standard working day.  I was in the office, my wife was […]

  • Live Comedy – An Opportunity…

    I was in Newcastle over the weekend, taking my mum to see Dara O’Briain as a birthday present.  One of the key parts of his act, above and beyond the prepared themes, is his interaction with the audience.  As he says at the start, things will happen in this show that won’t happen elsewhere on […]