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  • Brown Bread Ice Cream Cheesecake

    Brown Bread Ice Cream Cheesecake

    Most of my best baking has been done following a conversation with my wife. I got in to baking New York Cheesecakes following a request from her to bake one for her birthday. Last night we were talking about family favourite recipes and, as it seems no cookery blog is complete without a long introduction […]

  • Thai Green Paste

    There are a lot of advantages to making the base pastes for Thai curries yourself. Firstly, you know what goes in them, secondly they’re going to be as fresh as can possibly be, thirdly you get to adjust the ingredients to make them your own. I’ve done this for years, cutting the chilli content down […]

  • I am the very model of a trainee pedagogical…

    I found this in my notes today… With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan, who’s Major-General’s Song I have done better justice to using their lyrics, and grateful thanks to Nikki Benjamin and everyone on the Deepings SCITT. To the tune of “The Major-General’s Song” from G&S Pirates of Penzance… Sort of… If you squint… I […]