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  • Blackcurrants Ahoy!

    There are years where you get gluts of fruit and veg from both the garden and the allotment. 2 years ago we had to share our damson harvest with our neighbours – picking from the tree filled 2 large buckets! Last year we offered to share the harvest again – we would keep 1 damson, […]

  • The end of the beginning

    Somewhere about 15, 16 years ago I walked my daughter into Reception for the first time, setting her on the path that would see her through Primary school, 2 Secondary schools, and on into Warsash Maritime Academy heading for the Merchant Navy. When we made those first steps I had no idea where she would […]

  • Penalties is no way to decide a match like that

    Full disclosure, I care very little for football. In fact, one of the earliest posts on this blog details the tricks you can employ in TweetDeck to remove all mention of the game from your feed in times of national obsession. What do you know, they still work! However, as The IT Crowd demonstrated, there […]