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  • And so it begins

    Another year, another fresh set of days ahead to fill with, well, what? More baking, obviously. Cheesecakes are a given, but I’m going to branch sideways into a few more varieties. I think I’ve mastered the New Yorker, but there’s the baseless Basque cheesecake, there’s going to be jellies to top them, mirror glazes (if […]

  • Blackcurrants Ahoy!

    There are years where you get gluts of fruit and veg from both the garden and the allotment. 2 years ago we had to share our damson harvest with our neighbours – picking from the tree filled 2 large buckets! Last year we offered to share the harvest again – we would keep 1 damson, […]

  • The end of the beginning

    Somewhere about 15, 16 years ago I walked my daughter into Reception for the first time, setting her on the path that would see her through Primary school, 2 Secondary schools, and on into Warsash Maritime Academy heading for the Merchant Navy. When we made those first steps I had no idea where she would […]