#Listography – Top 5 Albums by (well, almost by) Male Solo Artist…

Kate’s showing off her wonderful taste in music this week, hoping the rest of us will show up with some interesting stuff to add to the mix.

But albums by male solo artists?  That’s where I start dredging the bottom of the barrel of my music collection.  All of the male artists I’ve got are the front men for some superb bands.  But, I think I’m close enough.  Ish.  Almost.  Well, here goes anyway:

Alice Cooper – Hey Stoopid

Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
Link to Amazon... Go on, buy it!

Not a single bad track on this 1991 release from a rocker who’s still churning out albums now, over 20 years later. Feed my Frankenstein was made famous in Wayne’s World, there’s the monster guitar solo that is Wind-Up Toy, the yearning of Might as Well Be on Mars.  It’s brilliant.  A work of pure class.  And he’s hardly aged a bit, judging by the back-cover shot.

Peter Gabriel – OVO: The Millennium Show

Peter Gabriel - Ovo
This is the Limited Edition cover

I first heard this album at the Millennium Dome where it formed the soundtrack to the central show, performed 3 times a day throughout the year the dome was open.  In all, we visited the dome 3 times and saw the show 8 times in total. Truly, wonderfully, amazingly, spectacular.  Even now the memories of it bring a shiver to my spine and a smile to my face.  We were some of the lucky few to catch the very last performance of Ovo.

Fish – Field of Crows

Fish - Field of Crows
At these prices, I'd aim for the mp3!

My wife and I differ in our opinions of Fish.  I rather like his music, she’d rather cut my throat with the edge of the CD before disposing of the murder weapon in the incinerator.  Old Crow, on this album, is one of my favourite tracks by what I reckon you could consider a solo male artist.  Though The Company, on “Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors” beats it for the top spot, this album is the better all-round.

Chris de Burgh – Live in Dublin

High on Emotion

I love live albums. Love ’em.  Although I may not always get along well with Mr deBurgh (Light years are a measure of distance, not time, you plonker) this is an absolute belter.  Get it on the stereo in the car, crank it to max, and let those cannons roar revolution!

Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

The Division Bell
New Discovery Edition! Oooh! Shiny!

I’ve been struggling with the question “Which one’s Pink” since it was first voiced on his album “Wish you were here”, but I’m putting that aside to say that this is one of his finest albums.  The last track, High Hopes, is one I want playing at my funeral.

Close enough, right?


#Listography – April Goals

So Kate’s asking us for our April goals over at her listography this week.  Interesting.  Have to think of some things to do..

First one’s easy: ScriptFrenzy

Script Frenzy

This is the partner programme to National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo).  NaNo’s in November, ScriptFrenzy’s April.  At first glance, it sounds quite simple.  You’ve got 30 days to write 100 pages (or more) of script.  Be it a screenplay, a radio show, TV programme, whatever.  3 pages a day. That’s all.  But…  You need an idea. A Plan (upper case P very important there).  You need the time, the discipline, the… the… hey, look, Homes Under the Hammer’s on.

Anyway.  Through a wonderful combination of school holidays, lack of annual leave, 3 cats and a dog, I’ve just had a very surreal few days where my wife and kids have been away and the house has been mine.  I’ve written 60 pages, using the NaNoWriMo story as the launchpad for this baby.  When it’s polished up it’s going to the BBC Writer’s  Room.  Watch this space.

Second: Grow More Stuff

I love having fresh coriander growing out in the garden.  And parsley, chives, curry leaves…  Just being able to grab fresh herbs lifts any dish.  This year, though, going for something a bit more adventurous.  I’ve got into Thai cooking but can’t get hold of Thai basil up here.  So I’m growing it.  Also Thai aubergines, a variety of chilli peppers.  Can’t wait for this lot to mature.

Third: Wash the car

Using the hosepipe.  Because I can.  Hah!

Fourth: Cycle a Marathon

My knee is not up to running this year.  I’m gutted.  Normally by now I’d be well into training for the Simmer Dim half marathon.  But no.  Every time I’ve tried to run I’ve ended up in agony and on the brufen.  Not fun.  However, cycling and rowing are sufficiently low-impact that they don’t cause problems.  So I’m going to cycle a full marathon instead, starting down at Sumburgh Airport and heading home.  As this is going South-North, it’s going to feel like it’s uphill most of the way.  As long as it’s a nice day, though, I’ve got my Cy-Fi speaker to give me my own personal soundtrack. I’m really looking forward to this.  By June, when I’d normally be running the SD, I hope to cycle there and back·

Fifth: Cook Mole

Everybody open your Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall “MEAT” book at page 314 and join in!  Cooking starts tonight.


And those are my goals for April.  What are yours>


Listography – 5 Reasons I know I’m a father of 5

Now this could be a very, very simple list.  5 reasons, 5 kids, 5 names.  Actually 10 names, as they’ve all got cool and froody middle names.

I was going to be a geek, but Emily beat me to it.  Number 1 reason being that I know what the title of her post actually does.  But although I’m a geek, I’m also a father of 5.  I know this because…

  1. I can change a nappy without actually waking up.  And not just the disposables but I can do this with the terrycloth nappies including washing, soaking, disposing of the liner and making sure the pin will go through once it’s washed.  For anyone wanting to know the secret, it’s a metric ton of fabric softener per wash and tumble-drying.  You line dry a terrycloth nappy, you’re looking at a vaguely flexible iron sheet that no pin on earth will penetrate – not when there’s a thumb nearby to go through instead.
  2. I know the nappy pin will go through my thumb because there’s no way on God’s green earth I’ll let it go through the baby.  Not even if I’m asleep.  As an aside, I still find pairs of jeans that have 1 or more nappy pins clipped to the belt loops.  This is not because I was at any stage a punk.
  3. Vomit does not scare me. Nor do sick kids.  I do the nursing while my wife (the doctor) does the doctor’s role of diagnosing, prescribing then buggering off to the next patient.
  4. I do routine.  If you’re watching Being Human at the moment, Hal’s little routines to keep him off the blood are as nothing to the household routines here.  If dinner is not done and on the table by 1745 then there’ll be hell to pay.  Bedtimes start at 1900 at the latest – fighting to get that last scrap of the evening for some quality time with my wife.
  5. I have had that conversation with my doctor.  If there are any further kids, I shall be having stern words with my surgeon.  And then my wife.

So those are my reasons for being what I am.  Head on over to the listography and find more reasons for people being who and what they are. Nothing if not entertaining!