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  • #Listography – Top 5 Albums by (well, almost by) Male Solo Artist…

    Kate’s showing off her wonderful taste in music this week, hoping the rest of us will show up with some interesting stuff to add to the mix. But albums by male solo artists?  That’s where I start dredging the bottom of the barrel of my music collection.  All of the male artists I’ve got are […]

  • #Listography – April Goals

    So Kate’s asking us for our April goals over at her listography this week.  Interesting.  Have to think of some things to do.. First one’s easy: ScriptFrenzy This is the partner programme to National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo).  NaNo’s in November, ScriptFrenzy’s April.  At first glance, it sounds quite simple.  You’ve got 30 days […]

  • Listography – 5 Reasons I know I’m a father of 5

    Now this could be a very, very simple list.  5 reasons, 5 kids, 5 names.  Actually 10 names, as they’ve all got cool and froody middle names. I was going to be a geek, but Emily beat me to it.  Number 1 reason being that I know what the title of her post actually does. […]