Category: Holiday Diary

  • Warwick Folk Festival 2018

    Okay.  First time at Warwick Folk Festival.  Can’t remember what made us pick this one to do earlier in the year, but back in January it seemed like a good idea.  We’d booked Broadstairs and were looking for something different. And it’s a very different festival to Broadstairs.  For those of you who don’t know, […]

  • Things to do in Yorkshire with 5 kids

    As you may know, I’ve got five kids. Five. That can make taking them places somewhat tricky as the activities on offer have to be suitable for everyone from ages 4 to 14. And as anyone with a teenager knows, keeping them entertained and preventing them from being a happiness-devouring pit of despair is very, […]

  • Pershore and around

    Wonderful thing about the Scottish education system – and it may be one of the few things left – is that the school holidays are out of sync with the English ones. We all break up for summer 2 weeks before England. So it’s a cracking time to get out and about, see theme parks […]