Category: Bake like you mean it

  • Pierogi / Pyrohy / Piroshki or hand pies to that effect

    Back at the Warwick Folk Festival again – fantastic music (Man the Lifeboats, Trials of Cato, Banter, Glory Strokes) and amazingly good food. As per my blog post from last year, some of the stand-out food of the weekend came from The Old Granary Pierogi. Just the most wonderful yeasted-pastry pies/pasty things you can imagine. […]

  • Bake like you mean it – Bananananana Bread

    As Terry Pratchett said, it’s a very hard word to stop once you’ve started. So.  For Sport Relief here at school we had a bake sale, one that did very well as we have a hugely talented team of bakers.  Cupcakes, cookies, sports-decorated gingerbread men, cookies, brownies, rice crispie cakes, did I mention cookies?  And […]