Category: Application of the Week

  • Return to Chromedeck (@chromedeck @tweetdeck #chromedeck #tweetdeck)

    One of the things I like about WordPress is that you can see what interesting search terms people have used to find your blog.  Fascinating stuff (for a certain, geeky, definition of “fascinating”).  Anyway, seems that Chromedeck comes up quite a lot and a couple of people are looking for ways to change the width […]

  • Application of the Week – Kubuntu #applicationoftheweek #kubuntu #linux

    Okay, this week’s app is quite big, as applications go.  It’s an entire operating system.  Kubuntu Linux. What is Kubuntu? Linux? Linux is an alternative operating system for your computer.  Windows is an operating system, so is MacOS.  Linux is the third way.  It’s based (loosely) on the Unix of old.  And unlike Windows, there […]

  • #ApplicationOfTheWeek – Portable Apps

    If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time on other people’s computers.  You get your own machine set up, customised with the right applications for the right jobs, everything where you want it.  Then you get onto your colleague’s machine to fix something and find you’re missing one of those useful little […]