Category: Application of the Week

  • #ApplicationoftheWeek – Komodo Edit

    Tough one, this week.  I’ve been on leave for a couple of weeks, so there’s not a great deal I’ve been using. Five minutes back at work and I’m now up to my neck in editing code.  Which is nice!  I like doing this!  I also like having a decent editor on hand to help […]

  • #ApplicationoftheWeek – WordPress for Android

    I love WordPress.  It’s a fantastic web application that’s grown from a simple blog into a full-blown contents management system (CMS).  You can have a site up and running, themed to look how you want it to, in a matter of minutes.  WordPress will even host it for you (but you can have more fun […]

  • #ApplicationoftheWeek – Action Snap

    I love my camera apps.  Vignette, as I’ve mentioned before, is my favourite app for taking photos.  Action Snap, though, fits a niche that Vignette doesn’t fill at the moment. On it’s basic settings, it takes 4 photos, a fraction of a second apart.  It snaps action, as the name suggests.  It does exactly what […]