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  • F is for Fog

    We have the most amazing weather up here on Shetland.  Stunning crisp winter days, still summer evenings when the sea is mirror-flat and the midges eat you alive when you step outside the door.  Amazing storms, lashing the sea into white fury and blowing you off your feet.  And then we get fog. Fog in […]

  • E is for Excuses

    It’s not my fault… Kids get things wrong.  Hell, adults get things wrong.  But kids especially get things wrong.  They’re kids, they’re learning.  Getting stuff wrong is a fact of life that they just have to deal with.  In adult life we have backups, restores, procedures in place for when, say, the IT department accidentally […]

  • D is for Dungeon – Deathtrap. #FathersStoryWeek

    As we come to the end of Father’s Story Week, I thought I’d share one of the books that sparked a hobby that I’m passing on to my kids – roleplaying games. I’ve blogged about our gaming nights here before, how we go from playing card games, to Carcassonne, to Castles and Crusades, Dr Who, […]